Caffeine is NOT an addiction, repeat not an addiction!


Alarm – 5 am … wha?? huh???? OHHHH DAMMMIT!  Another day.. and I fling, yes, fling my body out of my wonderful king size, luxuriant bed replete with 400 thread count sheets and feel my way out to the darkened hallway…
I stumble to the kitchen where shards of my psyche lay disassembled on the countertop – it reclines in a repose next to a wondrous machine that drops water through crystalline Arabica beans..this, the homeopathic glue will reassemble my mind after another night of  perio-menopausal “sleep” – ha my first oxymoron of the morning…
The spinning star wheel I had mentally placed my husband on (due to his cursed ability to soundly slumber through the night and awake without need of the brown black liquid now sloshing in my mug) is no longer spinning and that thought cast aside as I slug the “joe.” Must admit I really wanted to try knife throwing for the first time  but the caffeine passes the blood brain barrier and as I head to the shower – I hear my Chicago cutlery set sigh  a breathe of  relief —– til the next morning.

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2 Responses to Caffeine is NOT an addiction, repeat not an addiction!

  1. jeffrey says:

    maybe Starbucks needs to build a store near you? 🙂

  2. Well, now we know…don’t get between you and your beans. Got it!! LOL. I love the stuff as well, more for the warmth it provides me than the stimulation. Coffee is glorious!

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